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Barrel Works Duo S1E1

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  • Style

  • Imperial Stout
  • ABV

  • 14%
  • IBU

  • -
  • Hops


Barrel-aged Imperial Stout gift box.


  • Barrel Works Cognac 14% ABV 66cl, bottle.
  • Barrel Works Maple Syrup 14% ABV 66cl, bottle.
  • Basqueland Gold Stout exclusive glass.

A journey through the woods

We are proud to introduce Basqueland’s Barrel Works, an exploration of beer, time and wood. We source barrels of different origins and different uses whose provenance provides a unique personality to each beer. It is bottled when the beer has reached the pinnacle of elegance and flavor.

This beer is ready to be enjoyed now or aged in the cellar.

Barrel Works Cognac Imperial Stout 14% ABV

Imperial Stout aged for one year in 300 liter cognac barrels. This is the second filling of these barrels. The result is that the beer is the protagonist while the barrel plays a supporting role adding depth of character. Wood, spirit and beer come together harmoniously.

We are left with a beer with two well-defined profiles: a first impression of cognac and oak; and a second of cocoa, pecan, dried fruit and licorice.

Barrel Works Maple Syrup Imperial Stout 14% ABV

Imperial Stout aged in 225 liter maple syrup barrels from Vermont. This is their first filling with beer so the barrel is very pronounced. The outcome is a complex, sumptuous and intense beer.

The freshly emptied barrels still wet with aged maple syrup give the beer a stern woody character along with aromas of honey and raisins. This mixes with the flavors brought by malt, such as chocolate and nuts, resulting in a balanced and complex beer. It is full of nuance.

Serving temperature
12 °C – 16 °C
How to keep
Cool and dry place, away from any source of light.
Gluten, Lactose.

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