Pink Flamingo

20,00 (Pack 4 - 440ml)

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  • Style

  • Fruited Sour
  • ABV

  • 5,2%
  • IBU

  • Hops

  • -

Think pink! We just brewed a second batch of this sour that you’ve liked so much. This time we’ve adjusted the alcohol to 5.2% to make it even more drinkable and almost perfect for summer time.

Flamingos are a stunning pink color as a result of their diet. We want to make you glow like a flamingo. So we’ve made a refreshing beer with added raspberries, hibiscus, and passionfruit (not pink but delicious) to give this beer and you a beautiful pink hue. The tannins released by the fruit flesh add a subtle bitterness that complements the fruity sourness of this rosé beer.

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